About IM-Me

about IM-Me

It sounds 2good2btru - but it's 4real! Girls, you no longer have to wait for your turn on the computer, because with IM-Me™ you can stay connected with family and friends from anywhere in the house! IM-Me™ for kids is private, convenient, portable and safe. Even cooler, you can build your own community of IM-Me™ friends. Once you've exchanged user names, you'll be able to instant message your buddies anytime, anywhere. What r u waiting 4? Start IMing now!


Unlimited instant messages at no extra cost.
Address Book to store IM-Me™ friends.
A backlight for easy IM viewing.
Supports up to six chat sessions at a time.
Create chat groups with your IM-Me™ friends.
Start building your IM-Me™ community today

Check out the Girl Tech website for more info at http://uk.girltech.com/electronics-imMe.aspx