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iTeddy rose to fame on the BBC TV series the dragons den. Since then it has become a huge success for it’s creators and is fast turning into one of this years top selling toys

iTeddy is a wonderful, interactive teddy bear with a built in media player. It enables your kids to watch their cartoons, films, listen to music or play games. There is an in built speaker and you can also plug in a pair of headphones. The iTeddy games are designed to help develop childrens learning.

The media player features an easy to use menu system and comes complete with episodes of Roary the racing car, FIF and the Flowertots.  The player is detachable so you can even use it on its own without the bear. I Teddy comes with a USB cable which connects to your computer to upload more films, music, games or photos. There is 512mb memory for you to store tunes, photos and more and this can be expanded with the SD memory slot.

i-Teddy comes with his own t-Shirt which can be used to cover the screen on his tummy. I-Teddy will keep kids entertained for hours, they can decide how they want to play with iTeddy.

I Teddy is great for on the move, in the car, at bed time or at any time at all. Children will love the soft teddy which they can use as a console or just hug! He really is a cuddly way to watch learn and play.

iTeddy is available online from John Lewis, Littlewoods direct, Amazon, Asda, Mothercare, Argos and Ebay. Click here to check the latest i teddy prices, but hurry – iTeddy is selling out fast!